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Eccentric Diaphragm Pumps - our multi-talent with an incredible performance range. From the micro-pump to the powerful aggregate. The reason for producing 4 different series, ranging from series 200 to series 700. wilo pumps This spectrum covers a range of performance of a few milliliters to 17 l/min. Eccentric diaphragm pumps are used principally as either pressure or vacuum pumps. In relation to their size, they offer a great deal of power. wilo pumps In addition, the special seal of the gas powered parts is also of importance. The utilization of specific materials are also suitable for problematic gases.

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Vibrating Diaphragm Pumps - ideal for continuous operations. Because these pumps are run by an electronic magnet, the complexity of a motor driven technology is unnecessary. The vibrating diaphragm pumps run completely frictionless. The outcome is an extremely high durability, ideal for continuous operations. wilo pumps Low pressure up to 0.3 bar, high volume performances up to 10 l/min and a prominent operation smoothness, these characteristics are ideal for stationary analysis machines. In additon, there is an optimal cost/performance ratio: ideal for mass productions. For different specific applications, the pumps of the construction series SA are available as:

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Rotary Diaphragm Pumps with optimal cost/performance ratio. Maxiumum operation smoothness and impermeability with an almost linear pressure/volume characteristic. The generation of pressure reaches up to 1 bar, the extracted volume up to 4 l/min. Optimal is the cost/performance ratio. The reason for the application in the production of large quantities. Such as in professional blood pressure machines or complex machines used in the consumer goods industry.

Miniature Vane Pumps, in this case miniature means enormous. The Schwarzer Precision 135 FZ is the world's smallest vane pump. The rotary valve pump is the optimal solution to pump low volumes in a high precision and basically pulsating free fashion. Light weight (12 g), small size and an extremely low power consumption, the SP 135 FZ is especially suitable for portable machines. The linear characteristics enable this micro pump to be extremely manageable. (wilo pumps)

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