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diaphragm pumps
diaphragm pumps
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Welcome to our product information site.

Diaphragm pumps - Schwarzer Precision represents expertise and experience in the development and production of precision OEM pumps for over 30 years.



Micro pumpsOur product range includes: Micro pumps, miniature pumps, diaphragm pumps, vacuum pumps, diaphragm vacuum pumps, rotary vane pumps, liquid pumps, air sampling pumps, aquarium pumps, metering pumps, medical vacuum pumps, piston pumps, centrifugal pumps, pneumatic pumps, rotary pumps, oem pumps, gas pumps, liquid pump, hydraulic pumps, diaphragm pump, vacuum pump, circulation pumps, circulating pumps, linear pumps, oscillating pumps, vibrating pumps, micro pumps continuous work, miniature pumps continuous work, long-life pumps, micro diaphragm pumps, miniature diaphragm pumps, micro vacuum pumps, miniature vacuum pumps, miniature compressors, miniature liquid pumps, rolling pumps rolling pump etc.

Product information > diaphragm pumps

We offer pumps for:

Pumps for Air/Gas

  • EC - Eccenter Diaphragm Pumps

Our multi-talent - from the micro-pump to high-performance aggregates
Due to the different performance ranges we distinguish 4 series from EC 200 up to EC 900.

  • SA - Vibrating Diaphragm Pumps

Our proven SA series - reliable and robust. We developed these models as a problem solution for all applications where an uncomplicated pump with extremeley long life for slight pressure differences is required. Pump performances up to 300 mbar / 9.0 inHg vacuum, 0,3 bar / 4.5 psi pressure and 10 l/min of free flow.

  • LI - Linear-Diaphragm Pumps

The patented linear drive has made it possible to manufacture diaphragm pumps of the LI series, which are among the most powerful and efficient systems for pumping high volumes. These models are characterized by extremeley long service life. Pump performance up to 750 mbar / 22 inHg vacuum, 1,6 bar / 23 psi pressure and 50 l/min of free flow.

  • RO - Rotary-Diaphragm Pumps

An almost linear characteristic is a distinguishing feature of our rotary diaphragm pumps. Unproblematic gases are conveyend at minimum noise level. Its performance characteristic predestines them for blood pressure measuring instruments. Pump performance up to 1 bar / 14,5 psi pressure and 2,1 l/min.

  • FZ - Miniature Vane Pumps

Technical precision in the smallest format - the FZ is our solution to all applications where low volumes have to be pumped pulsation-free. It offers a linear characteristic, extremely low running noise and minimum power consumption. Pump performance up to 60 mbar / 0.85 psi pressure, 60 mbar / 1.75 inHg vacuum and 0,7 l/min of free flow.

Pumps for Liquids

  • -L - Liquid-Diaphragm Pumps

These self-priming pumps are suitable for pumping or circulating the widest variety of liquid Our modular design system caters for customer-specific performance requirements.

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Vacuum pumps and diaphragm pumps from Schwarzer Precision

Vacuum pumps - Schwarzer Precision represents expertise and experience in the development and production of precision OEM pumps for over 30 years. Pressure, vacuum and liquid pumps for laboratory and medical technology, metrology, open and closed loop control systems and the consumer goods industry - this is our business. Worldwide users from the widest reaches of industry trust our know-how and associated technology. Why? Because Schwarzer Precision consistently puts its company philosophy into practice.

Miniature pumps

The customer and the specific application of the product are the focus of this philosophy. Because we have an object in view: individual solutions with an optimum price/performance ratio. We therefore work together to achieve the best possible parameters in relation to performance, structural size, characteristics and life of the pumps. And of course we also put these into effect. Added to these are a high degree of flexibility and intensive customer service.

Vacuum pumps and diaphragm pumps from Schwarzer Precision

Schwarzer Pumps offers pumps for: analytical technology,
measurement technology, gas analysis, gas monitors, gas monitoring, gas detection, control technology, laboratory technology, medical technology, environmental technology, pumps medical mattresses, compression therapy, electrolytic circulation, autoclaves, suction devices, pumps massage instruments, inhalation instruments, anesthesia instruments, inhalation devices, anesthesia devices, pumps massage mattresses, automatic level control (system), stationary gas analysis devices, endoscopy, pumps water cooling, stationary gas measurement devices, stationary gas measuring devices, consumer goods industry, toolbuilding, medical suction devices, gas emission analysis, suction,
medical devices/appliances, laboratory devices/appliances, metrology, loop control system, pump technology, blood pressure measuring instruments, domestic appliances etc.

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Individual solutions - for us this does not automatically mean cost-intensive new development. Because this does not always have to be the case. The basis for flexibility is our modular building block system, which is the result of many years of research and development. Specific requests and requirements are put into effect quickly and cost-effectively. A sound basis for infinite possibilities.

diaphragm pumps

Schwarzer Precision - diaphragm and vacuum pump

Diaphragm and vacuum pump - We claim technological market leadership and we want to secure this position over the long term. For this reason, in addition to extensive research and development, we have put in place an extensive quality management system. This is naturally certified to EN ISO 9001. Because we are absolutely convinced: only closely monitored products from modern manufacturing processes guarantee superlative promptness, on-time delivery and above all quality.

Powerful pumps for continuous operation

The product group SP 700 EC has now been extended by a new type especially for applications requiring continuous operation.

This SP 700 EC-BL has a motor with an integrated electronic commutation system and works without contact.

Due to the compact desgin of the motor this pump requires less space for installation than other pumps.

This pump is availabe as a gas or liquid version.

Smallest Piston Pump

Measuring 31.5 x 22.5 x 11 mm and a weight of only 9 g including the motor - these are the key data of the new SP 022 PI Piston Pump.

Minimum, but without any compromise in performance.

Mainly used for portable blood pressure measuring devices, with a maximum inflation time of 7.5 seconds for a 100 cc cuff to 260 mm Hg.

Life time comes up to 10,000 pumps cycles.

German Site:

  1. Schwinganker-Membranpumpen
  2. Linear-Membranpumpen


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diaphragm pumps

vibrating diaphragm pump
vibrating diaphragm pumps

Centrifugal Pump
Diaphragm Pump
The Metering Pump is one of the high-performance and oilfree pumps of Schwarzer Precision
Various Micro Pumps of Schwarzer Precision
Schwarzer Precsion also produces Piston Pumps
The Rotary Vane Pump belongs to the product range of the German pump manufacturer
A Vacuum Pump of Schwarzer Precision
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To humidify and ventilate cell cultures in zero-gravity conditions, Schwarzer liquid pumps are used: The miniature diaphragm pump SP 200 EC-BL-L with brushless motors for an extremely long lifespan.

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